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We have a global range of products to meet the demands of serious hobbyists, from fish food to glass aquariums, aquatic plant fertiliser to shrimp nets and much, much more!

Latest Additions

Introducing SL-Aqua, a range of products designed for keeping planted aquariums and shrimps.

Innovative Products

Our brands will change the way you care for your aquarium.


One of our trusted partners, Tropical has delivered outstanding quality through many years of experience in fish food making at their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. We (and pleco fishes) especially love their sinking pellets.

MarinePure Biofilter Media

In our opinion, the best biological filtration media on the market. With a surface area of 22m2 per 1.5" sphere, you no longer need to worry about ammonia spikes and heavy bioloads.

Fritz Aquatics

Fritz Aquatics kickstarts your aquarium with anti-chlorine solutions and de-nitrifying bacteria to speed up the nitrogen cycling process. For the more seasoned fish keepers, Fritz Aquatics has created Maracyn, a line of antibiotics to help your fish fight against bacterial infections.

Mr. Aqua

One of the biggest players in the Taiwanese aquarium trade, Mr. Aqua has a wide range of accessories including aquarium tanks, LED lights, filters, air pumps and accessories for planted tanks. Their overhead filter trays are a hot seller!

Aqua Science

Specialists in water pre-treatment for your tank. Having most effective anti-chlorine product on the market, Ultimate® has also been proven to remove chlorine, chloramine and ammonia effectively for even large scale aquaculture and farming.

New Life Spectrum

New Life Spectrium specialises in fish food for marine & freshwater fish, using premium natural ingredients which bring out the colours in your fish.

SL Aqua

Experienced shrimp breeders, SL Aqua has designed many products to pass that experience on to hobbyist shrimp keepers, especially mineral supplements for bee shrimp to increase the GH through Magnesium and Calcium. They also have a range of plant fertilizers which are not harmful to shrimps, for those of you who want to keep both a planted tank and shrimps (yes, it is possible).


With more than 10 years of experience in the aquatics industry and backed by horticultural lighting titan Gavita, Euroquatics specializes in one of the three fundamentals of tank management – reef aquarium lighting.

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